The need to be energy efficient and self sufficiency is becoming more important with rising energy prices and changes in weather pattens which we have all experienced over the past year or so. Below are some frequently asked questions. Please take a few minutes to brows through them. If your have questions that are left unanswered please email us on info@junosolar.com

Q?Can I install more than a 4kW Solar PV system on my roof?
A.Yes, it is possible to install a Solar PV system over 4kW provided your DNO give you permission and you have sufficient space on your roof or on a parcel of land adjacent to your property.
Q?Has the efficiency of the Solar Modules improved recently?
A.Yes, the average efficiency of both Mono and Polycrystalline modules is upwards of 15.5%
Q?Can I trust the warranties provided by the manufacturer and installer?
A.Warranties are only as good as the companies that offer them. Only buy from the best.
Q?Should I have a Solar PV system installed that provides more than my daily needs?
A.Have the biggest installation your roof will support with the aim of becoming self-sufficient and reduce your electricity bill to zero
Q?Off-grid, or grid-connected? What is best for me?
A.We suggest being grid-connected. For two basic reasons: feed-in tariffs do not apply to off-grid systems, and being grid-connected is perfect back-up in the even of a system failure. however, being off-grid applies if you wish to be independent of the National Grid and live or work in an isolated location with no National Grid access. 
Q?What is the time-frame for an installation from receiving my quote?
A.Commercial installations take longer due to planning applications and permission from the DNO. For residential installations under 4kW the lead time will 2 to 3 weeks, but over 4kW could take up to 3 months.
Q?Will Solar PV modules work during the cold winter months?
A.Yes. Solar PV modules will work year round regardless of the season, they even on an overcast day.
Q?What happens when I produce more electricity than I need?
A.When your Solar PV system generates more electricity than you can use during the day, the surplus will flow back into the national grid. Your electricity supplier will pay you extra under the export tariff. You also have the option of storing the some of the extra electricity generated in a battery bank. This stored energy can then be utilized in the evenings to power lighting, the TV, fridge freezer and other low energy appliances. All the while increasing self-consumption.
Q?Why should I consider a PV solar system?
A.Put simply, Solar PV is the only viable alternative to reduce the cost of electricity self-consumption to a point where after the break-even point (system cost payback) your electricity will be free for the life of the system. The Solar PV system could last 40 years plus. You can find examples of systems installed in the 1980′s that are still in operation on the Juno Solar web site.
Q?What are the disadvantages to using PV solar system?
A.There are no disadvantages. The initial cost may seem high, but you could get finance through a personal loan say 6% apr, which would be covered by the feed in tariff and earnings of 12% plus per annum. The average system should pay for itself in 6 years giving 14 years of FiT’s and a possibly a further 20 years of free electricity.
Q?Should I change my electricity supplier?
A.No real need, but check to see they are part of the government Feed in Tariff scheme.
Q?How long will it take to install my PV solar system?
A.PV systems can be installed and ready to produce electricity in 2-8 weeks from the time the design & schematic have been agreed.
Q?How big a PV solar energy system do I need?
A.The size of solar system you need depends on several factors such as how much electricity you use, how much daylight is available where you are, the size of your roof, and how much you’re willing to invest. After talking through your requirements we will recommend the size of system you use.
Q?Could I install a photovoltaic (PV) system myself?
A.Yes, however unless you are very handy or experienced in home wiring, we suggest using experienced professionals to design and install anything more than the simplest application, for the following reasons:

  • You have to pay 20% VAT on the PV cells rather than the 5% accredited dealers.
  • You will not be MCS approved and therefore not eligible for the feed in tariff.
  • Electricity can be dangerous, you may get hurt!
  • You may damage your home or appliances during installation.
  • You would NOT have the correct EL & PL installation insurance in place.
  • However none of the above is insurmountable


Q?What happens if something goes wrong?
A.All components come with manufacturers warranties of up to 25 years. Juno Solar guarantees our workmanship for 10 years. Under standard conditions any fault in the system will be rectified within 48 hours. Defective components will be replaced with new from the manufacturer to the customer’s satisfaction.
Q?What maintenance and cleaning does the system require?
A.It is recommended that your Solar PV modules be cleaned twice a year and the accessible components have a visual inspection once per year. Juno Solar provide a cleaning and maintenance service to our clients and anyone that has Solar PV installed at very reasonable cost based on system size and location.
Q?How long should my PV systems last?
A.Your PV Solar system is guaranteed to operate at 80% for 25 years plus, with an expected lifetime exceeding 40 years.
Q?What is the largest sized Solar PV system that I can have installed on my property?
A.It is possible the install an 8kW system on a single phase supply. Permission from the DNO will need to be granted under G59-2. You will need to down load a form from their website, fill it in and send it back to them by post. This will take about 5 weeks. It’s worth the hassle, because of the larger return on investment!
Q?How long will it take for my system to be installed and producing cheep green electricity?
A.Systems smaller than 4kW will take from 2 to 8 weeks. If your roof can house a system between 5 and 8kW it can take up to 12 weeks
Q?When can I start the ball rolling?
A.Give us a call right now on 01903 366752 or visit our fill in the get a quote form on our home page and a Juno Solar staff member will be in touch.

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