Feed-In Tariff

Please refer to Ofgem for current Feed-in Tariffs and updates. Click here.

Feed-In Tariffs vary between different system types and sizes. For example a large scale commercial system of 150kW may earn 11.10p, and a smaller system 10kW to 50kW may earn 13.03p. An average rate of return on investment is of 10% to 12%, depending on several variables including where you live, which direction your house is facing and what size and system type you invest in.

Prices have fallen dramatically in the last year (as of 2012) – with the reduction of installation fees and manufacturing costs – making today an even better time to invest in Solar PV than ever before. There is now a stable and attractive tariff in place, and once you enter the scheme your initial rate of return is frozen for 20 years. Add this to the fact that the tariff are index-linked to retail inflation rates. For homeowners this is tax-free.

The rate of return percentage for commercial installations is also in the 10-12% range, however the scope of the project will determine the rate of return. For a 50kW system costing £90,000 you may earn £250,000 over the lifetime of your feed-in tariff contract, which is a substantial return with a payback period of 7-8 years. To learn about our 100% finance option, contact us via the contact page.

Solar PV has no rival regarding return on investment. Break even in 5 to 7 years while earning tax-free money and using your own power (systems installed in the USA during the 1980s are still producing free electricity). You can reduce your payback period and gain even bigger financial benefits by maximizing roof -space to enable a larger system and becoming more energy efficient .

For the wise, it’s a win-win situation. Your investment in renewable energy systems will give a far better rate of return than any bank or building society, making Solar PV a very attractive investment.


Generate energy for life and earn money from it.

Whether you’re a commercial property landlord; business owner; home owner; farmer or land owner; not-for-profit orginisation or educational facility, investing in Solar PV offers many rewards, including financial security on a long-term basis.



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