Solar for Schools Scheme

SOLAR FOR SCHOOL COVERSolar for Schools is a community friendly scheme geared towards providing schools in Sussex with Solar PV free of charge. Our goal is to help create a Green Sussex for present and future generations, while educating young people about renewable energy and creating an eco-friendly nation. Download the Solar for Schools brochure by clicking on the lefthand image.

Solar for Schools is fuelled by Juno Solar profit. We have created an independent fund for the Solar for Schools scheme, to which we deposit finance from each Solar PV installation we complete. We use this fund to provide Solar PV to schools chosen by both our customers and the general public via online voting. We aim to repeat this quarterly.

We welcome nominations from all over Sussex regardless of school status or classification, and the majority vote receives a brand new Solar PV system for their school premises.

Our aim is to engage people with Solar PV and renewable energy as a concept. We want people to think about creating a Green Sussex and a place we can be even more proud to call home.


Solar for Schools offers many benefits to our local schools, including all the benefits each of our customers may take advantage of, for example, the government subsidised Feed-In Tariff and Export Tariff.

Solar for Schools will help achieve the following:

  • Enable your local school to generate and consume their own electricity.
  • Provide local schools with additional revenue.
  • Free your local school of high and rising electricity bills.
  • Help provide an education for young people regarding renewableenergy.

To make clear our intention, we do not benefit from any finance generated by the system, nor do we benefit from any form of ‘lease’.
The Solar PV systems we install through the Solar for Schools scheme are 100% free.

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