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How Can You Benefit from a Solar Photovoltaic System Installation

Solar PV house

Installing a Solar PV electricity generating system at your home or business will benefit you in a number of ways, these include: financial, environmental, security and through peace of mind from day one throughout your life and the generations to come (if there is a power cut or energy prices increase the effect on you is minimal).

Your investment in Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generation will allow you to save on your energy bills, earn money from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) gaining a very respectable return on investment (ROI) expected to achieve between 10 and 12% per year. For example taking a 4kW Solar PV array at a cost of £8,500.00, over a twenty year period earnings could be as much as £21,000.00. The figures in this example could increase. Upgrading to energy efficient lighting systems, replace worn out appliances with eco-friendly models (as they breakdown) and your home is thermally insulated to become more energy efficient. Timing the use of immersion heaters and washing machines to co-inside with peak irradiance between 11am and 2pm will reduce your energy bills even more Fitting a Solar PV system that is larger than your energy needs, combined with a battery storage bank will go some way to making you energy self sufficient, whilst maintaining high FIT returns.

Solar for your home or business

The process is so simple and there has never been a better time to become energy self sufficient with a solar PV installation.

It begins with you contacting Juno Solar through our contacts pages or by telephone.

The power is in your hands, so call Juno Solar know for a no obligation quotation.

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