How Solar PV Works

kmetije_ukSolar PV systems work by absorbing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity in the form of direct current electricity (DC). This electricity is passed through an inverter which converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) for use in the home or business. Surplus electricity that is not used or stored is sold to the National Grid. All electricity generated by the system qualifies for the relevant fed-in tariff.

Compiled below is a list of components of which your Solar PV system will entail, including a brief account of their function.

  1. Solar PV Array – A group of 2 or more solar panels (modules) connected together to convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. A Solar PV array entails the panels themselves, a mounting system i.e bracket and framing system, cable system and weather shield solutions for mount fixings that penetrate your roof.
  2. Inverters – An Electronic device that converts DC electricity produced by Solar PV into alternating current electricity (AC): ready for use in the home or to feed the National Grid.
  3. Energy Monitoring Systems – A device that tracks the energy produced by the solar array in real time, producing historical energy output of the system.
  4. Isolation Devices and Consumer Unit – DC and AC isolators used for safe isolation, preventing current flow during routine maintenance, repair or future expansion of the system.
  5. Generation Meter – A small device that records energy production: energy used and energy fed back to the National Grid. This enables accurate calculation of feed-in tariffs and export tariffs.
  6. Standard Electricity Meter – A meter installed by your utility company used for monitoring electricity consumption.
  7. Electricity Storage – A bank of lithium batteries for storing surplus electricity generated during daylight hours. This electricity can be used as back-up power, for lighting during night time hours, and for running additional appliances.

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