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How Can You Benefit From a Solar PV System Installation?

Installing a Solar PV system on the roof of your house, or on disused land will benefit you in a number of ways, from financial reward and becoming Eco-friendly, to electrical security and peace of mind when it comes to energy price-rises.

Your investment in Solar PV will allow you to save money, earn money from the feed-in tariff (FIT), while gaining a high return on investment: between 10% and 12% per year. For example, a 4kW Solar PV array costing £8,500.00, will earn as much as £21,000.00 twenty year period. The figures in this example could increase. Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting systems, replacing worn appliances with Eco-friendly models and thermally insulating your home will all add to becoming more self-sufficient and independent of large energy companies. The process is simple, and there has never been a better time to become self-sufficient in electricity with a solar PV installation.

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