Solar PV Commercial

Commercial solar photovoltaic systems.

background_img_industrial2As the owner of a business enterprise or commercial property, you can benefit from generating your own electricity. You can sell excess power to the national grid, whilst using the energy your business or property requires. If you have sufficient roof space or a parcel of disused land, Juno Solar can design a Solar PV system to stabilise your power usage and produce additional revenue for your business. We are also able to arrange commercial finance for your Solar PV project. Juno Solar can help you join the growing number of energy-conscious business enterprises in the UK, and help you use Solar PV as a financial investment that will provide clean electricity for life, for free, with a very good ROI of between 10 and 12%. Today we are faced with long-term energy bills that increase in price, dependence on foreign fossil fuels and purchasing electricity from neighbouring countries. Free yourself from the national rise in energy costs by becoming self-sufficient, generate your own electricity by fitting Solar PV and triple your investment over the duration of your feed-in-tariff contract.

Taking the first steps towards being self-sufficient

Listed below is a number of key points that lead business and property owners to Solar PV, and to Juno Solar as their gateway to radically diminishing electricity bills, or eradicating them altogether, along with becoming independent of utility companies.

•    100% finance for Solar PV installation •    The need for generating clean and green energy •    Significantly reducing a property’s carbon footprint •    Reducing or eradicating energy bills •    Optimising self-consumption •    Financial investment with a return of higher than 16% per year •    Gaining free energy for life after breaking even •    Diverting electricity from Solar PV to your immersion heater •    Achieving greater self-consumption by using battery storage for grid connected Solar PV systems •    Increasing the value of one’s property

If you have any questions you wish to ask, hesitations you need resolving or general queries regarding Solar PV, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via the ‘contact’ page, we’re happy to help.

Commercial Solar PV – A Wise Investment For Business Owners

Juno Solar have a team experienced in renewable energy systems; the environment; large scale engineering projects; finance; project management; design and have successfully applied our knowledge and experience to actively help the public and commercial organisations of all descriptions to gain a competitive advantage, by making the wise decision to generate their own electricity at little to no cost.

Scenario 1

Imagine using your business capital on expansion, investment or something other than electricity bills. The cost of the Solar PV installation is covered by incentives and savings. Switch on the office or warehouse lights, boot up your computer and have confidants in knowing the electricity powering your business is free. Imagine opening the mail to find your first feed-in-tariff payment, now imagine this happening every month for the next twenty years. No power cuts, no electricity rationing nor any irrational increases in energy prices that affect your business and overheads.

Scenario 2

Picture this, a cold grey day, you step out of the rain, into your dull under-lit place of work afraid to switch the lights and heating on, because any spare power is used on IT for maintaining communications and keeping the business afloat, to top that there is very little working capital left for investment. Imagine margins being squeezed by rising energy prices, power-cuts, energy rationing by the utility companies and lost production as a result. Depending on utility companies for all your electricity needs will effect you directly. Your once productive and profitable company is slowly having its lights switched by conventional energy production and supply.

Companies big and small will face these scenarios over the coming years. Becoming wise to your own energy future is a question of survival. Don’t be complacent and stick to old habits of ‘better the devil you know’, Embrace Solar Energy and secure a lifetime of free electrical energy generated by yourself for your business and commercial property.

Do you have the energy? Juno Solar can help you become self-sufficient in your electricity generation and usage for the life of your business. Once the system payback is achieved (5 to 6 years) the electricity generated is yours to sell and get paid for through the Feed in Tariff system. UK companies installing Solar PV are generating a return of 22% on their investment. Solar PV is a win win situation for UK business.

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