Solar Thermodynamic

Solar Thermodynamic Heating Systems

An Emerging Technology that will replace Solar thermal is solar thermodynamics.

Thermodynamic panels are most effective way of heating water for everyday used in your home, school or office. The system can even heat a swimming pool. In fact any commercial or public building can benefit from thermodynamic panels for hot water and heating.

The thermodynamic panels work to heat your water come rain or shine, day and night. One panel and a 250-280 litre hot water cylinder is sufficient to provide a family of four with all their household hot water. No more expensive immersion heaters!

Installing a thermodynamic system consisting of four panels can provide all your heating needs through out the year reducing conventional gas or oil power heating to a backup system and dramatically reduced fuel bills.

The thermodynamic panel is made from anodized aluminium, making it corrosion free, weigh only 8 kilograms, they can be wall mounted and painted to match your external paintwork or mounted on your roof.

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